Is it Smart to Cut Costs on a Roof


For some prospective home builders saving money on roofing seems to be a logical1 choice. Many consumers do not realize that the roof of a home is just as important to its integrity as is the foundation. Ensuring that the home has a solid quality roof structure is a good long term investment. Weather is the primary challenge for a roof, it must withstand high wind, rain, snow, ice, hail, and moisture. The severity of theses weather challenges varies widely from region to region. Moisture is a significant issue for a roof that is of poor quality or damaged. Moisture invasion of a home is silent and a homeowner may not be aware of the problem. Moisture from the roof can lead to damage to rafters and other structures in your home.

When a rubber roof installers is placed on a home the owner may not have any problems for several years.However when the problems begin, things usually happen quickly. Shingles may be pulled up or dislodged by the weather. Flashings around chimneys, vents and roof valleys may come loose. Any of these things will lead to water leaks. Once water gets through the roof it can run down rafters and electrical wiring then drip through the ceiling down the walls and onto the floor, gaining access to the rest of the house damaging carpets, furniture, electronics, etc. Moisture from a poorly constructed roof can lead to mold issues with a home which can be devastating for a family’s health and finances. Another important reason to have a quality roof constructed for your home is energy efficiency. Energy loss can be as much as 50% from a poorly constructed roof. This includes loss of cooling in the summer, as well as heating efficiency loss during the winter. This energy loss offsets any savings a cheap roof may bring withincreased utility costs. It’s not money out the window it is literally money flying out of the roof!

Having a quality roof on your home provides “curb appeal.” A home with an attractive roof that is consistent with the neighborhood adds significantly to the home’s resale value. How does a consumer ensure that they are hiring a reputable roofing contractor? Of course it’s easy to say “go hire a reputable roofer.” However that is easy to say, and virtually all roofers claim to do top quality work. First a roofer should be licensed, bonded, and insured. If the roofer is not, the consumer should not consider them for the job. Second the roofer must have the proper work permits. If they do not it is against the law to do the job. Third a roofer should provide a clearly written contract. A reputable roofer should not demand full priceprior to completion of the roof. Also a consumer can evaluate a roofer’s reputation with other sources such as “word of mouth”, Social Media, etc. The bottom line is that it is never wise to cut corners for cost saving on a roof for your home. An efficient well-constructed roof will last for many years with efficiency and cost savings added to your home.