Similarities between air plants and succulents.

Air plants and succulents have many common characteristics. Small samples peanut blooming with four or five feet shooting! Modern and formal looking species such as Amethyst and completely unique-looking plants such as Capet Medusa. Below are Similarities between air plants and succulents.

Air plants and succulents are also more amazing because they can be displayed in infinite ways. Plants associated with stone, earthenware, wood or plastic made of statues cannot be removed but air plants can be displayed in any form. Many people also make beautiful wreaths, plant sculptures, and even jewelry. They can be pasted, wired or pasted with almost anything.

They are the smallest small wind tubs associated with a wine cork and are displayed with a magnet on the refrigerator. Many people make a real statement on their wedding day with their plants that look good due to exceptional orchid care. Xerographica has become very popular as part of the bridal bouquet and as beautiful table centerpieces. Make amazing boutonnieres at wedding parties.

They still need a place to grow; Nutrients are taken from particles which are made from air, dirt, and moisture. The roots are grown only for attachment purposes and are also used to support the moisture collection option. Some support water-based wildlife such as frogs and pearls

Another wonderful feature is their special way of reproducing themselves. The sudden presence of “pups” in their life cycle involves development, maturation, blossoming and reproduction. When you get them in the morning when you give them water to your plants, it is difficult to lean happily. Puppies begin as small sprouts and are quickly larger and larger. At this point, you have to make an alternative.

Air plants and succulents will increase from 2 to 8 pups. You can continue this development continuously and develop a major collision or ball. Since the parent plant dies, you gradually remove them from the group and let the new generation grow and grow in size and beauty. Samples can be grown up to dozens of large size or even more embedded air plants. Your second choice is to separate puppies from their parents when they become a teenager.

When puppies are size 1/3 to 1/2, then they can be gradually removed and grown in maturity. Based on the large collection of plants, he is soon going to be a huge plant family if he can not bring himself to remove his “children” on his wedding day.

We have finally saved the most amazing feature of air plants and silk. An argument to grow them in a large group is the platform for their blossoming. When a dozen or more plants are growing in an inclination suddenly bloom, it is a wonderful explosion of colors and flowers. To attract hummingbirds and other pollinators, hundreds of leaves fly yellow, pink, red, purple or other colors depending on species and beautiful and colorful flowers.

The blossoms are so fantastic that no one can oppose them to show their friends and family. In the past, there was a sudden need to shout about your blossoming plants from the roof, which could have threatened to arrest you for disturbing the peace.